• Basic Sponsorship
  • $150/month per frame or $250/month for both frames.
  • Includes complete list of all Sponsor advantages and  marketing campaign delivered to up to 750 households 4x/year.
  • Advance Sponsorship
  • $250/month per frame or $400/month for both frames.
  • Includes complete list of all sponsor advantages and marketing campaign delivered to up to 1500 households 4X/year
  • Each additional household is priced at $.15 per month.
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What you get by Sponsoring a Neighborhood?
  • You get a front page advertising section which includes a picture, a bio or statement and up to 3 external links. View Sample
  • You get featured in direct mail and flyer deliver to the neighborhood with your picture, contact information and message statement. We help brand and market you to the community with our targeted campaigns. View Sample
  • You'll get an fully paid advertising frame in our annual directory newsletter which is distributed to the community. Neighbors typically hold onto this directory throughout the year and refer back to it. View Sample
  • You'll get complete access to the website blog where you can send directed messages to the community members. View Sample
  • You'll get complete access to the website social media pages such as Facebook where you can post content to community members. View Sample
  • We'll also provide support to create and develop custom marketing solutions for all of these features and continue to work with you to help you connect with local businesses and community associations. View Sample
Frequently asked questions
  • Is this website exclusive for my business type?
    Yes, only one Realtor per website unless you purchase both frames and elect to share with another Realtor. Please note that advertising options within the site or referrals posted by community members are not limited to one Realtor.
  • How long will I "own" this neighborhood and retain my position as face of the community?
    This exclusive option to represent this community is yours until you decide not to continue. This agreement is month-to-month and you will continue to be the "face of the neighborhood" as long as the monthly fee remains in good standing.
  • How are payments made?
    We draft all payments by electronic check. You must provide valid bank account information for payments to be debited on a monthly basis. You can elect to pay one year in advance and receive a discount.
  • Can I sponsor additional neighborhoods?
    Yes, if there are openings in other communities that you wish to represent you may sponsor additional neighborhoods. A discount is offered to represent multiple communities.