My Neighborhood Websites provide a secure and private place for neighbors to connect with other neighbors.  Each site is filled with genuine content created by members of the community.  Although each website does have some modest advertising, they are mostly content-driven with referrals and classified ads provided by the members of that neighborhood.

Referral and Classified Ad Directories

Neighbors can post referrals of plumbers, electricians, painters, babysitters, etc. The idea is to provide information so neighbors can help each other. But, each site is more than just a referral directory. There's also a classified ad section where you can offer items for sale or free to other neighbors.

MyNeighborhood ©

Come to© where local organizations such as a HOA can post, store and share documents. There's also a calendar of events, a resource directory where neighbors can find valuable links such as local police, bulky trash or graffiti removal or parking enforcement all in one place. There's a contact list of community members and each site comes with a host of social media options that neighbors can choose to participate in…or not. Neighbors can start or join groups such as a Neighborhood Watch or Gardening Club. There's also a DEAL section where you can get special offers to local businesses or service providers.

How it  works  

Each My neighborhood website is free to all members of the community and any affiliate organization such as a HOA. Two unique sponsors get branding opportunities for their business while bringing great value to the Community. Neighbors get their website for free and membership is restricted to only members of the community.

If you would like a free site for your neighborhood we’ll find your reliable sponsors that want to support your community.  Just complete a short signup form and we’ll take care of everything.