Does it cost any money to join?
Each My neighborhood website is free to all members of the neighborhood. Join Now
How does My neighborhood make money?
The website is supported by advertising. We offer two sponsorship opportunities and small ad placements which are designed to help businesses provide targeted messages to community members. The advertising is designed to not be the focal point of the site but still provide unique options for businesses to connect with community members. Learn More
Our neighborhood already has a Neighborhood Association Website. Why do we need this?
An association for a community is a wonderful way for neighbors to participate in the policies that govern the area. Some association sites also provide resources, referrals and even the posting of community documents. My neighborhood sites are not in competition with an association. Our site provides an interactive way for neighbors to communicate with each other through referrals, classified ads, groups and social media. We will provide free posting of association documents, newsletters and contacts. Some associations can use our site as their platform. For those who have their own and can maintain it we'll simply provide another way for members to connect through free links to the association website.
Is it Secure?
Very secure. Our site is designed to prevent spam and hacking from those bad people who seem to just want to cause trouble. We also monitor the membership list to make sure that the people in your neighborhood live or are associated with your neighborhood. If we find someone that has joined a neighborhood and doesn't belong we will remove them.
Do I have to post my name? Picture? Email? Address?
We provide the option for members to get notifications and share information as they see fit. If you want to post your name…great. If you want to use a screen name….that's fine too. We provide a community member list. Post your picture….or not. List your complete name…or just your screen name. It's all customizable and up to you.
What happens if someone posts inappropriate material?
We monitor each website to make sure there aren't any inappropriate material posted. If you discover any material or annoying comments please report to